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No business or agency makes it to the top without the right partnership. If your partners can’t drive revenue and retain clients, you definitely need new partners. We are the White Label Digital marketing partner that will hold your hand through thick and thin and will stand by you after you reached your marketing goals. It’s our job to study your client’s business, deduce the challenges they face, provide adequate solutions and follow it up to yield maximum results. We are your best bet at boosting your client’s online profile and presence. We handle the big and daunting task and allow you to focus on your core competencies. Let us prove our worth today.

At Funnels.ng, we have amassed a wealth of experience and recorded numerous successes in digital marketing by serving a wide array of companies and individuals and helping them achieve their goals. We work with a diverse team of individuals who are deeply cultured and have attained mastery in their various areas of expertise to enable a holistic approach in handling your client’s needs. We are enthusiastic about solving problems and handing our clients success on a platter of gold.


We can only be your shadow or your mirror image and nothing more. Our operations are built on discretion. Your clients will never know that we exist. We only have a name and a face when dealing directly with you, our employer. Whatever award or accolade we bring in belongs to you. We carry out all processes in ways that represent you and your best interest.

Do More

Working with us expands your horizon and widens your reach. If you offer services that we offer, that’s okay. We can wait on your existing clients while you manage the new clients. Don’t offer some services we offer? All the better! Our all-in-one business model will ensure you get all your clients solutions in one place. You don’t need to outsource again and again.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

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Increase Revenue


We are all bites and no bark. If we only deliver clicks and visitors, then we aren’t doing our job properly. We bridge the gap between your clients and their goals. A satisfied client is a retained client and a retained client is a retained revenue. What more? The bigger the satisfied clients, the bigger the referrals because one good turn deserves another.

Customer Service

Unlike other outsourced internet marketing firms, we are also very useful as your “wingman”. You don’t have to face the client alone when you got us. Clients can sometimes present really tough, technical and complicated issues. We will interact with your clients on your behalf like a loyal and diligent employee of your firm. We take care to grow your relationship with your clients. We will maintain an engaging process throughout the assignment.

Sales Support

Our services are extensive. We do not run a “cart and check out” model. You present the client, we close the client for you. Following through till the end is very important to us.


To better represent your firm, we will make sure your clients benefit from all of our services. It doesn’t matter if you hired us for just a specific service, we will deliver on all other services required by your client at our cost and all the accolade goes to your company.

Let's Work Together!

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